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Darin Steel Company was established in 2009 in Kurdistan Iraq and precisely in Erbil, and started steel production with highest quality and international standards, Darin Steel company has its own power plant with 24 MW MAN Engines. Our Rolling Mill Yearly Steel Bars production is 120,000 Ton made according to the international Standards ASTM 615 Grade 60.

We aspire to constantly achieve excellence, leadership, and value within the domestic and global steel industry.


  • Scrap Yard
  • Power Plant
  • Steel Plant
  • Rolling Mill 


  • Residency Camp
  • Cafeteria 
  • Medical Center 
  • Kurdish Restaurant
  • Indian Restaurant 
  • Management Office
  • Warehouse 
  • Workshop 
  • Refinery 
  • Green Area 
  • High Security
  • Camera System covers all company sectors


DS Power station consists of 24 megawatts capacity MAN Engines producing and supplying electricity load of All company departments and facilities. DS Company produces the electricity required by its facilities via two 12 MW Diesel Generators, totalling 36 MW. The electricity that's produced is used in the steel factory to melt scrap iron and cast the billets and in the Rolling mill to roll reinforced steel bars. The automatic compensation system is controlled by an automatic reactive power system, the electricity Powerhouse is equipped with PLC automation system that keeps the power factor within the efficiency limits, Providing un-wasted and harmonically filtered electricity for the use of the facilities, in our fully integrated electricity powerhouse, all maintenance and operation are performed by the engineers And technicians of DS.

Having a monthly production capacity of 10,000 Tons, the steel melting plant has three sets of furnaces each set consists of 12-ton capacity. DS Company converts scrap into crude steel by melting it in induction furnaces at a 1,650 °C.


The molten steel is transferred into the melting pot furnaces, subjected to various refining operation required to obtain the desired quality, and afterwards converted into iron billets by continuous casting machines (CCM)


Cross section: 100 x 100 mm or 130 x 130 mm

Length: any length from 3m – 6m.

Fume Extraction System is Steel Plant filtration system that maintains a healthy environment for fabrication and surrounding.

The rolling mill of DS Company has been built over a closed area of 6,850 M2 with a rolling speed of 7 M/Sec., and monthly capacity of 10,000 Tons, the rolling mill is operated by experienced engineers, technicians and the rest of the workers to produce world class N8 – N25 mm rebar's

Rolling Mill Furnace

An 18 Ton/hr capacity reheating in the rolling mill tempers the internally produced billets and directs them to the flow of production.

Rolling Mill Line

This unit consists of 3 group preparation benches, 40 meter long natural cooling grill and a cold cutter with a capacity of 60 tons, rolling mill line is fully automatic after the billet is charged up to packing area.

Using a fully automated system, DS Company is capable of packaging from 6-12 meters in length and up to 3 tons of weight, depending on the customer's requirements and demands

DS Company is capable of storing 8,000 Tons of products in a closed are of 2,000 M2

Deformed reinforced bars

Diameter: 8mm – 25mm

Length: any length from 6 m – 12 m

Packing: in bundle of 2,000 Kg

Collects HMS – 1, HMS – 2, HMS – 3 Grade Scrap Materials

A storage area of 1,800 M2 that is separated to be a consumable materials warehouse and general warehouse that stores all department-related needed materials that the factory uses in producing steel.


Kurdish Restaurant

Serving Iraqi Food for 200 people on daily basis

Indian Restaurant

Serving Indian Food for 250 people on daily basis


Consists of 63 Bed rooms with bathroom and WC facility


Entertainment cafeteria is open 18 hour\day

Medical Center

DS Company provides medical support to all of its employees, the medical services includes emergency ambulance, first aid and periodical checkup
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